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At Career Sources Unlimited, Inc. ® we pride ourselves on our ability to secure full-time permanent, part-time permanent and temporary positions customized to your needs and career goals. We listen to you because, after all, you are going to work at that company not us!

We Give You the Help You Need

We offer a wide range of candidate services which include software training, interview training, resume assistance and a personal, yet pCSU provides candidate services including software training, interview training, resume assistance, and support to help make your job search a pleasure and not a chore!rofessional, approach that makes your job search a pleasure and not a chore!

We strive to match our candidate's skills and experience with the right client company to ensure a long term commitment from both parties. Our goal is to help you in your job search without wasting your time with practice interviews and needless office visits. Your input is important to us, we want to hear from you! Let us know if we are on target, or if not, so we can adjust our search accordingly.

Temp or Temp-to-Permanent Positions

We offer temporary placement both for regular temporary workers and for candidates that are looking to earn an income while searching for a permanent position. We work around your schedule with our clients in order to ensure the flexibility to continue to interview while earning money.

Our goal for temporary placement toward a permanent position is to help you maintain your skill level, while you have the opportunity to view the cultures of different companies and see where you might fit into the corporate world. What better way to see if a company would be a good home for yourself, as through your own eyes instead of through the eyes of merely the Human Resources Department? If the fit is not a good one, we simply find a new temporary to take your place, and continue on our search for your right position.


There are never any costs to the candidates of Career Sources Unlimited, Inc.

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